Volvo PV

To have a project and have something to do and look forward too, is very important for me. That feeling off happiness to set a goal in your mind and then after hard work reaching it, itís a great feeling. And build or renovating something, is giving me a great deal of satisfaction. To have something real in front of you, which proving hard work pays off, and that you have learned something, that is a good thing. And if you never have done it, you are probably going to learn allot during the way.

In the early nineties, I bought my first car, a Volvo PV from 1961. It was probably not really meant to be such an extensive renovation. But one thing led to another, and suddenly it was car parts scattered all over my fatherīs garage.

Sure I had renovated boat engines and mopeds before, whit mixed success. But this old Volvo was so far the biggest thing, and a real challenge.

And I can proudly say I still driving around in the same car I renovated in my fatherís garage for a very long time ago. Because thatís the thing whit old cars like this one, if something not working its easily to repair. On some way was this project a very good thing for me, because this car was getting me the courage to tackle other bigger projects, although this was just an old Volvo from 1961.