The tall sailing ship and the decision

What is more powerful and beautiful an a big sailing ship with fully sails in god winds.

She was a lightship converted around 1970 to a Barquentine.
Had sailed around the world and also being a dive boat in the Red sea.
Now was this worn -out lady in Spain and took out companies and other tourists in various adventures in the Mediterranean.

Had a length off O,A 48.5m and could have totally 17 impressive sails and I was immediately in love whit her.

Although my job was manage all wood on the boat, was it number off other chores that had to run.

It was tanks witch would be emptied and refilled, rust would be knocking, the hull was painted and rigging and sails were trimmed.
Tourists who wanted sail without the wind and swing, while I thought that they mostly tried to break my newly treated deck.

Acquaintance between the crew on the sailing ship was good.
And I forgot for a moment thinking about other adventures.

When I had varnish the deck a number of times.
Witch is to be made each year.
And renovate my hundred fiftieth block.
I started to think about what I would do then.

If there was something I really wanted to do it was a great adventure.
And there were three to choose from, I felt.
Expedition the mighty three was born.
And the first adventure should be the SAHARA.