You can't cure a passion, its the opposite you want it to be infectious.

In the beginning of the ninety's I did my first trip abroad.
And it was going to Israel with a connected trip to Egypt.
I couldn't get to a better plays with the historical sites and surroundings.
Which had a great impact on me.

If there was any trip that inspire me to start a life of a wandering traveler, it was this.

To change my small village with lakes and a green surroundings to the desert in Egypt.
That was a totally different experience for me.

Remember specially clearly that we one day south of Cairo rented horses and ride into the desert. That was something extra.

And the memory of the rolling sand cushions in the desert, which I couldn't not forget were printed in my mind forever.
The people and smells, mixed with all extraneous sounds in a large living move to the absolute silence in the desert.

To go back to the machines at the local sawmill provide to be increasingly difficult.

The world had open the doors for me.
Years followed by an unending need for new experiences on year- long travels to different continents, mixed with various odd jobs.

What not too seldom resulted in a complete lack of money when I got home.

I was beginning to get tiered of the life style.
And starting too look after a job witch could satisfy my needs, something real to do.
And one off the things which was my main interests when I traveled was animals and nature.

Africa was the plays on my next destination.