The roaring Lion's in the night

It was now more then eight years ago I rode the horse in the desert in Egypt.
Now was I back again in Africa through a scholarship.
And ended up working on a safari company in Tanzania, on the foothill of MT Kilmanjaro in the town Moshi.

Have always had passion for nature and animals, and this was a perfect setting for me.

We had tours to MT kilimanjaro and Serengeti and some off the other national parks.

To check the knowledge of the customer, I ask sometimes about they believed if we should see any Tigers, If they told me they was hoping to do that.
I understood I had the knowledge on my side and I could relax a little more.

If it was something I remember strongest from this time, it was the sound of the roaring Lion's during the nights.
Witch you could hear through the thin tent clothes, wen you was camping in the wilderness.

And the walking safaris which was making you feel very small an vulnerable.

The climb on the Kilimanjaros slopes during the first raising sunlight in the morning was a good memory is well.

Yeas, Africa is a magic plays.

Al of this was giving me the chance to travel around large parts of Africa, and visiting number of sites and national parks.

When I visited the Kalahari for a longer trip it brought back the thoughts of the Sahara.
And I started to read more about the Sahara region, and the interest was raising.

Although I enjoyed the safari company in the small town of Moshi I needed to proceed. The little Safari company I was working for could not more support me. And I was for the moment tired of sitting around and waiting for customers which never came.

When I later looked through the ad on the web, that they searched ratings on a sailing ship in the Mediterranean Sea.

Was the matter clear.

I would switch the MT Kilimanjaros snow white top that I saw from my bedroom window to the Mediterranean's undulating waves.